Loft Conversions in Sheffield


We know that natural light can be used to lower the usage of energy and keep expenses under control. But the problem in most homes is they have no dormer windows or velux windows. Thankfully, companies that hold expertise in loft conversions and roofing can help with provisioning for windows. Apart from windows, people also need terraces and balconies, which can be provided by installing roof terrace systems and balcony systems. Velux terrace systems are also a good alternative manufactured by a Danish company that specializes in skylights and windows. Products manufactured by the company can be found all over the globe, including Sheffield.


Doing all these is fine, but we think, the smarter alternative is to plan in advance and construct flat roofing and extensions in the roof during the initial designing phase. This way, the need for conversions and extensions never become necessary. Flat roofing can be easily used as the base and new rooms extended on top, or at least install fibreglass roofing.


When homes are designed, most of us do not anticipate expansions or extensions in our family, but eventually it happens and when it does we cannot think of the proper solution. For most of us, changing homes is the first choice, but soon it dawns that the option is not only too expensive, it is not a permanent solution either, what if some years down the line more space becomes necessary? This cycle of moving from one home to another is not sensible.



We believe it is more prudent to stretch our imaginations a little and expand the current home to accommodate more. Of course we are not professionally trained for the job, but there are teams of professionals who do that on a regular basis. These experts can eke several feet of living space from places in your house. Flat roofing, extensions and balcony extensions is the way to go if you need more space.

As standard the Firestone RubberCover system for flat roofs is available and fitted to the top of our dormers by one of specialised team. The product also comes with a 50 year warranty.


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