Loft Conversions in Barnsley


People in Barnsley have realized that the roofing holds the secret to expanding living space without moving out of their current home. Conversions are quite simple compared to finding a good replacement for the current home. An ever increasing number of homeowners are opting for loft conversions and roof terrace systems like velux terrace systems and balcony systems to add significant areas to their existing homes. Those that have flat roofing are constructing extensions wherever possible and facilitating natural light into their homes with fibreglass roofing. Velux windows and dormer windows are also wonderful ways of minimizing the consumption of energy. You can hire a roofing and extensions expert and have these useful changes implemented in your home.


A major reason why people move out of their houses is because they cannot find enough space to place new furniture or expand it for more family members, this is a common problem that can be tackled in two ways. One is the seemingly easy but rather unwise decision of finding a new home. This brings about expenses, often more than most home owners can afford at a time when the world is reeling with poor economy and job cuts. The second solution is to utilize all available areas within the house, in every nook and cranny. This is possible by designing new rooms in the lofts, the attics, and basements or wherever possible. That way, the space problem gets solved and a lot of money gets saved as well. Home expansion and development companies are able to expand space in a home substantially.



If your home is getting cramped and you cannot afford to spend a lot of money, or don’t want to, hire an expansion expert.


For Flat Roofs we are able to both supply and install Firestone RubberCover to the top of our dormers as standard and is covered by a 50 year warranty. This is fitted by one of our specialist fitters.


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